Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Work it out

I started my job at Huge yesterday, and don't worry: one of the guys is working on a website redesign--so something better should be up shortly. For now, the place holder is here.

It is a very small firm. There are six of us, but it's great, and just want I need. Today Rebecca brought Cadbury eggs for everyone. Apparently in England the eggs are laid on the shelves immediately after Christmas and until Easter. Additionally, the Cadbury factory is like Wonkaland. We talked of going today, but decided that wolfing down chocolatey goodness would be detrimental to our bodily functions.

Reading over the last paragraph makes me sound like all I "need" is a Cadbury egg. What I need (and thrive on) is an encouraging group of designers, who work as a team. Thankfully, that's what I think I may have encountered.

Anyway, someone brought up how Americans have a lovely snacky-treat called the Ice Cream Sandwich, and how it could be the greatest thing on Earth. No one else (except the two of us had eaten one), so after lunch, we all split delicious sandwiches a la Ben & Jerry's. While it's difficult to compare to the wonder that is the Cadbury Egg, I think the office was pretty satisfied.

But, I guess you might like to know what I'm actually doing (instead of eating) at my job. There are there components of the business: Mark owns Huge design, which does large-scale projects like banners and such for businesses like Sky. Neil owns First Folio which does leaflet and social design work in the public sector. Then there's Binary Colors, the printing company, that everyone is a part of. At the moment, I'm working within Huge, with Mark and Tom, on some theme ideas for a theatre convention that will be held in London during June 2008. Mark will present the ideas to the client on Thursday, and we'll develop them from the decisions of that meeting.

Tomorrow we visit Stonehenge and Bath. I'll have some pictures later this week.

Oh, and Amber, I bought a bottle of South African wine--it's from your Stellenbosch, and splendid.

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