Saturday, January 26, 2008

Happy Australia Day!

It's been a busy wrap up to the week. Work was on Thursday and Friday, and while job-related activities were, indeed accomplished, I also managed to try my first Flake Cake (a deliciously rich and, yes, flaky chocolate-y sponge-y delight) and remedy my massive craving for pancakes with a satisfying crepe.

Friday night, my flatmates and I went to the Victoria and Albert Museum for for a late night party. Unfortunately we arrived at the tail-end, but it was still fun. There was a craft area, and I made an exciting postcard involving mince meat. You're excited now, right? Afterwards we tried a few busy pubs and finally found an acceptable one on Old Brompton.

By some stroke of luck I woke up at a decent hour today and headed off to the Southbank. That wasn't before checking out Leicester Square, where I found the original Freed ballet shoemaker store. After having feet like mine--nobby and ruined from pointe shoes (Freeds, to be exact), I was quite excited.

Southbank was great. I went there to find some Banksy street art, but ended up coming across a more-than-heavily graffiti'd area for skaters.

If there was any of the London renegade artist's work, it has long been washed away. I did check out an exhibit on Dali and Picasso at the County Hall, and afterwards spent some time at OXO towers. It has been absolutely gorgeous for the last several days. I'm not sure how long this weather will remain, but I hope I get a few more seriously fantastic sunsets.

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Matt said...

I adore Banksy. I think he's the closest thing we have to a superstar contemporary artist.

I have a collection of his work on my coffee table: "Banksy - Wall and Piece"