Sunday, January 20, 2008

Look outside at the raincoats coming, say Oh

Vampire Weekend was nearly a bust. A threatening combination of disinterest, stage time (1 am) and the impending doom of the night bus, almost canceled plans. A few people, however, came through, and despite the hour long queue in an alley that reeked of urine and cigarettes, the night was pretty fantastic.

Astoria 2, the huge, 2-story club they played, is an experience in and of itself. Kids stand outside in tight pants and pointy shoes, drinking Carlsberg. A few look like babies--maybe 16--and are already well-versed in the ways of the hipster world. Quite scenius, they say. The place was utterly intimidating, and a little frightening at first, but by the end we (the Americans) had impressed a few Europeans, having heard of the headliner.

Earlier in the day, Kristin and I stopped by the Victoria & Albert Museum. The building is striking, and you could spend a week in and still not see everything. Yet, the exhibits are inviting, and as you walk through the halls it's as if time has frozen. The serenity of the rooms and courtyard make the V&A ideal for a contemplative afternoon, and while you might have plans for later, you certainly won't want to leave.

In other news, doing laundry is expensive! At 3.5-5ish GBP per load, it'll cost an arm and a leg, or at least a shirt sleeve.

Also, I've had the most vivid dreams since arriving in London. For the longest time I couldn't remember what I had dreamed in the night, but the ones I've had lately are eerily realistic and very impacting. Maybe it has something to do with change. They say the alcohol here is stronger than in the states, but I haven't been drinking enough for it to have much of an effect on my REM.

Anyway, work is tomorrow. I'll let you know how it goes.

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Ray de Mesa said...


1. congrats on your Huge job! studying plus working abroad. high roller much?

2. vampire weekend is cute.

3. what is up with that twingy furry phallicism i like.

4. one trick i've learned in remembering dreams: be your own worst authoritarian mum: abs do not under any circumstances allow yourself to get out of bed until you remember that splendifilous dream. no matter how much your bladder yearns for the loo. be strong.

5. laundry is expensive? how about british life? just please don't let it cost you something more valuable. like your beautiful face. or soul. i'm cheesy. melt me and eat me with chips. and fish.