Wednesday, January 23, 2008

To the baths

Today all 81 of us traveled two hours, utilizing a combination of highways and beautiful country roads, outside of London to the ancient and ever-famous Stonehenge. The pictures do not do the mysterious rock formation justice. It's a little bizarre. You have no warning--the stones just pop up on the horizon in the middle of farmland and busy highway. Cars drive by like it's nothing new (or special), and there are sheep that graze in the adjacent field. I suspect that they may be the most famous and most photographed sheep in the world.

Next was a 45 minute drive to Bath. We entered the city from over a hill, and the view was beautiful. I had all of these preconceived notions about coming to England, and Bath lived up to all of my expectations (and stereotypes). Beautiful streets with houses. Everyone walks. Hardly any cars. Brick and grass courtyards and gardens. A world famous bun bakery. Roman baths (naturally). Terribly English. We went through the museum that houses the ancient baths. The Romans were brilliant--they had separate areas set to very cold and extremely hot temperatures and a zillion different baths. Still, I couldn't get the picture of a bunch of really dirty naked people bathing out of my head.

After the baths, I walked up a bunch of hills to see the city view. Unfortunately it was overcast, so the photos didn't turn out, but, in person, it was a beautiful sight. I'd highly recommend it.

I think I'll go to bed early for work tomorrow morning.

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