Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Fran + Anntravaganza

My mom and my grandmother got back to the states on Monday night after a successful five-day trip to visit me in London. We ate too much, drank (maybe too much at times), and had a generally excellent time.

Highlights include and are not limited to:

Tate Modern, Kensington Palace, Nonnie's stories about the Mayan culture, Ann's fascination with the talking elevators, my own discovery of British television (since the tv in our flat doesn't work), missing the last Eurostar train home from Paris, having to stay the night in a Parisian hotel that smelled like curry, a spring snow, and of course, the countless bounding pups in Hyde Park.

Jolly good fun. Photos to come.


Ben said...

i'm sooo happy i found your blog. now we can be friends on here too! sounds like you're having some good clean american fun (harhar).

ben c. said...

damn, i was signed in to the wrong gmail. try clicking on this name instead.