Monday, April 14, 2008

Fran + Anntravaganza: The pics

It's impossible to take a bad picture in Paris.

Warm, wonderful, sunny. It was everything I thought Paris to be. Cafes on every corner, with Parisian men in black smoking cigarettes, deep in conversation with their beautiful French girlfriends. Baguettes. Flowers. Miss Antoinette could have been anywhere. France is for the lovers. Paris, je 'taime.

The weather was a wonderful break from the blustery moodiness of the UK. but after a long day, coupled with the shock (we can't read military time) of missing our train home, it was good to be back in lovely London. I'll take unpredictability any day:

Nothing like a springtime snow in Kensington Gardens. Thankfully the flakes stuck for a while--perfect for a lone Frosty!

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